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Boats Cabo San Lucas can arrange customized private charters to suit your needs. whether you are looking for a sunset cruise around Cabo or a all day charter or even Charter a mega Yacht for a week or weeks for that matter we've got you covered. Just let us know what you're interested in doing and we can match you up with the right vessel and captain. Whether you are an experienced sailor or setting foot on a yacht for the first time, Boats Cabo San Lucas offers you a wide variety of option contacts contact us now for more info.

Baja Luxury Yacht Charters

Baja California, a 900-mile long peninsula, shares little of its parameters with Mexico and the U.S state of California, which has given it an isolated yet unique culture, a perfect blend between the American quality of life and the tranquil, care-free attitude of Mexico, beautifully accentuated by the Mediterranean-like climate.

Aboard your luxury yacht, as good as any prestigious hotel, travel these beautiful waters where sea rays, dolphins and whales roam. Your vista will constantly change; from the picturesque scene of a pristine beach, fine white sands and enclaves of palms clustering near the cerulean waters to a glimpse of a cluster of lazy sea lions, basking on the rocky shores of one of the remote Coronado islands.

Baja Cali has plenty to offer by way of scenery, but perhaps, you might wish to stray a while from the secluded privacy of your luxurious yacht and venture amongst civilization. For those drawn to the energy and activity of a major town, then the port of San Felipe awaits. Filled to the brim with night clubs and bars aplenty, the nights are just as fast-paced as the days. 'Carnaval', a Mexican Mardi Gras, and car racing through the desert are some events that fill the calendar. With an international airport within the area and it's location at the top of the Sea of Cortez, this town is the gateway to both land and sea.

To step back into Nature; stray further down the East Coast. Dotted along the coastline are beaches; magical and untouched by human development. These are interspersed with the occasional rural fishing village, where you
will be welcomed by the locale, a fascinating mix between Americans, East Asians and Middle Easterners, and, of course, Mexicans. Try something different each time you touch shore; from the local wine from the Valley of Guadalupe or the citrus fruits grown locally. Test your limits with dirt-biking on the beaches, hiking through a forest, or trekking the outskirts of a desert.

On the Pacific side, islands sprinkle the coastline, offering anything from some of the highest waves worldwide for the avid surfer (Todos Santos Islands, near the coastal town of Ensenada), to rustic towns, which survive solely on fishing.

Baja California luxury yacht charters afford you a wider choice of destination. Aboard your luxury yacht, you have the exclusive opportunity to venture far and wide on your charter, a necessity when faced with choosing destinations in this beautiful region. The world is your oyster, the sea is yours to explore.

Cabo San Lucas Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals

47ft Yacht Charter Cabo

47' Riviera Yacht This Yacht is perfect for Cruising Snorkeling Sightseeing.

72ft Yacht Charter Cabo

This is a 72' Party Boat perfect for groups that want to cruise, party, snorkel, sight see.

120 ft Luxury Yacht Charter

Sleek, fast and designed for fun and adventure. The Yacht layout offers plenty of room for entertainment and relaxation.